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Randy Brown

Randy Brown created his first painting at the age of 17 which was an oil painting for a friend that featured an image of the friend's home. It was not until 1983 that he really took an interest in wildlife art. Randy found a book in a local bookstore entitled "Duck Stamps and Prints" that he purchased and has been in love with waterfowl ever since.

Randy grew up in south Georgia near an old mill pond that was featured in one of his limited edition duck prints entitled "The Old Mill Pond". That print went on to be selected by the Madison County Alabama Chapter of Ducks Unlimited as their Duck Print of the Year for 1991. Although Randy has no formal art training, he has won several local awards for his work.

In May of 2010, Randy decided to make his wildlife art hobby a full-time career and has been busy since that day creating new and exciting waterfowl paintings.

1% of the profits from the sale of my paintings goes to Ducks Unlimited.

1% of the profits from my work goes to support Ducks Unlimited.


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