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David Cardinal


David Cardinal is a veteran travel and nature photographer who specializes in Southern Africa and Southeast Asia as well as North American mammals and birds. His images of creatures in the wild help communicate the importance of our natural heritage and our responsibility to preserve it. His passion is the preservation of threatened animals, environments and cultures along with helping those in the developing world to improve their well-being.

David's clients include non-profit and socially responsible institutions such as the BBC, California State Parks Foundation, the City of Palo Alto, San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory, Bay Trails, Point Reyes Bird Observatory, US Fish & Wildlife Service, NANPA, Bay Nature and Western Birding and National Geographic Kids magazines. David's work is part of the permanent exhibit at the Lucy Evans Baylands Nature Center and has been featured in exhibitions at the Palo Alto Civic Center, the Seipp, Works and Allegro galleries, the Watsonville Wetlands Nature Center, on, and on David is co-author with Moose Peterson of The D1 Generation, and has had his articles and images appear in publications including Outdoor Photographer, Studio Photography & Design, Photoshop User, PC Magazine and Dr Dobbs Journal.

5% of the profits from my work goes to support International League of Conservation Photographers.


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