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Michele Claire

As we pass through life each day with mundane routines of our daily schedules, just one moment seen in the blink of an eye allows us that split second to stop and notice one incident or event that will capture your heart and stay in your memory for all time to come; but yet, we continue on our daily routines passing that moment in time by, even though we were left with such a good feeling about it that it touches our spirit and holds onto us for one moment.

As an artist, I see even the smallest moment or "thing" as a beauty of life and capture it in my heart with the desire to "burn" that memory or incident to canvas to keep and treasure it forever and save that one moment in time for all to remember; that see this "piece of work", reminding us how precious each and every minute of our days should be held onto to treasure and to remind us of that passing moment.

My focus in all of my art is to try to capture those special passing moments in time or incidents that so quickly passes us by and place it to canvas for all who look upon my work to see this moment as it stands out and stares back at us.

I must have been born with a pencil and brush in my hand, as I came into the world seeing life this way and cannot remember when I saw anything different, trying to put those images down on paper to express how clearly I saw it.

But, as my life grew with me, through family, work and commitments, I too, held back from indulging such a love of art and the commitment to do more with it as many of us do, until one day, all stops, and here we are, with the time to now look at life's simple pleasures and once more the burning desire to paint and draw as much beauty that we can simply get down to canvas for all the world to share and hold a piece of it in their hearts.

Throughout all of my "careers", I surrounded myself with art, went to school for art, public and private, attended local and distant art shows, learning as I grew, but with "careers" taking over I never was allowed the time to fully indulge in this love of art to the fullest extent.

But yet, as now the time has come, I can now pour all of the love and passion I can muster for the subject matter and while I feel I am still learning to achieve for me my "best" works, I still work really hard to satisfy that artistic whim as I progress with each piece.

I work with oils, acrylics, gouaches, charcoal and some pastels, usually from life, but with the new technology of the digital camera, I too, have grown to use this and the computer to work from in the solace of my studio, still keeping my focus not so much on rules and methods, but on the "moment in time" less it passes me by.

For further information or requests of my work, you can contact me at

1% of the profits from my work goes to support Wild Foundation.


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