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Krishnamurthy Bhaskar


D.K. Bhaskar, is a multi-award winning natural history photographer, author, international speaker and an advocate for the world's changing landscapes and distinctive cultures. He is the author of the book: "The Fragile Forest: Inside Brazilian Amazonia".

With a passion for exploration, education and research, Bhaskar regularly collaborates with international organizations in exploring the natural and cultural diversity around the world. A Fellow of the prestigious Explorers Club in the course of his expeditions, he has crisscrossed deserts, rainforests, mountain passes and the river systems. His work has been published in leading magazines, books and journals, including UNESCO Journal, BBC, Wanderlust, Journal of Bio-geography, Insight Guides, Popular Photography, and many others.

1% of the profits from my work goes to support International League of Conservation Photographers.


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