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Laurie Campbell

As I approach my twenty fifth year as a professional nature photographer, I believe I was the first to earn a living from only photographing Scottish wildlife. Despite being a small country, Scotland has some amazingly diverse habitats and wildlife. It certainly makes me feel content enough not to have to travel much. I also feel that I’m part way through a life-long, self-imposed mission – to photograph as much of its natural history as I can.

With over 140,000 images in my stock library, there is still much to do. To date, my pictures continue to appear in a wide range of publications and illustrate several books on subjects as diverse as Scotland’s ancient pinewoods to golden eagles, badgers and highland cattle.

Despite having received twenty-six awards in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, my most treasured accolade was to be included in the ‘Highland Naturalists’ exhibition An event to acknowledge the efforts of thirty people (alive and dead!) who over the past three hundred years have contributed most to encourage the enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of Scotland’s natural history.


100% of the profits from my work goes to support Wild Wonders of Europe.


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