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Maurizio Biancarelli

I was born in a tiny village dispersed in the mountains of Umbria, in central Italy, very close to the Sibillini Mountains and as a child, I spent most of my time exploring a green countryside teeming with wildlife. What a nice start for a nature photographer!

Then I have been a pharmacist for (too) many years, but now I feel very lucky to be a full time natural-history photograher, happy to spend a lot of time close to Nature, like in my childhood. I am attracted by the complexity of the natural world, by the sudden, powerful flight of the peregrine, by the incredible structure of a kelp emerging during a low tide or by the astonishing beauty of an ancient oak. I try to understand the subtle relationships between the living things and I always try to convey a sense of wonder in my pictures.

I think of photography like an art able to draw the observer's attention, affect his emotions, challenge his perception of the natural world and in such a way convey the photographer's message. Simplicity in composition and a careful choice of the light are the keys to be successful. I made four books on my region, Umbria, contributed to many others and several images have been awarded in major competitions.

My work is internationally featured in various nature magazines and I had solo exhibitions in prestigious venues like the Europarliament in Strasbourg, the Italian Cultural Centre in Bucarest, and in Nanchang, China during the Living Lakes International Conference.

100% of the profits from my work goes to support Wild Wonders of Europe.


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