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Carl Battreall



All the subjects of these photographs are gone. Melted, crushed and changed. A glacier's constant reinvention is part of its beauty, and a source of irony for a world worried about glaciers. It's not that glaciers are changing that causes us concern, it's the rate that they are changing that alarms us.

Change is easy for me to accept, as an artist, I embrace it. I can return to a glacier each day and it will always be different; it will always surprise me. But through my explorations deep within Alaska’s glaciers, across their splintered surfaces and underneath their massive bodies, I developed something few will, a emotional attachment to them, and that makes their rapid demise difficult to accept.

Each glacier has a unique character created by its environment. Weather, terrain and gravity mold a glaciers personality. Some are dirty, aggressive and destructive, while others are gentle and contemplative, but they are all beautiful.

These images we're inspired by a simple idea: to share to the world the art of change, the astonishing beauty of a glacier, which is rivaled by no other landscape. If the world's population can simply appreciate glaciers like they do an ocean, mountain, lake or river, then maybe there will be more concern for their future.

This project received funding from the Rasmuson Foundation and was featured in the December-January issue of Alaska Magazine.

5% of the profits from my work goes to support Alaska Center for the Environment.


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