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Graham Clark


I most recently traveled from Alaska to Argentina by land pursuing the art of photography. Experiencing the world via the perspective of a camera lens makes me feel ALIVE. I love to use photography as a means to communicate my experiences with viewers, excite, and to make them think about important subjects. I tend towards experimental fine art. I strive to achieve a global-influence, not specific to one culture.

Artist whom influenced me include Galen Rowell & Ansel Adams. Work history includes Apple Inc., and I currently reside in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

brief statement:
I feel a strong image is characterized by an overpowering spatial reach, tonal subtleness, visual energy, intensity and ultimately impact. I use the best lenses of today and the slowest film speed possible. I use little to zero post-processing. Out in the field I try not to hold expectations. I try to achieve an openness. I feel my best work comes from being receptive to an image coming together. All my photographs are tack-sharp and possess high technical and reproductive quality.

1% of the profits from my work goes to support International League of Conservation Photographers.


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