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Connie Bransilver


Internationally known nature photographer, artist, author and speaker, Connie Bransilver, has photographed on all seven continents. She brings images and inspirational prose to audiences seeking clarity, passion, and purpose. Wild Love Affair: Essence of Florida ’s Native Orchids, and Florida ’s Unsung Wilderness: The Swamps, offer personal and spiritual explorations of wilderness.

She is published widely in local, national and international books and magazines, and she has appeared on numerous television and radio shows. Her fine-art prints hang in institutions and private collections throughout the world, but above all she captures the emotion of nature and brings it to viewers, readers and listeners.

Episode 205 of National Geographic's Wild Chronicles featured the discovery of and subsequent research on a new species of Sifaka lemur discovered deep in the eastern rainforest of Madagascar . Aired on PBS and distributed nationally by WLIW New York, this segment featured both video and still images by Connie Bransilver illustrating the work to identify, understand, and ultimately save this amazingly beautiful new species and to improve the education and living conditions of the people in the area. Her work with conservation in Madagascar continues, and in September 2011 she initiates a series of photo tours to this magical land.

Connie is also working with UNESCO-Asia to document the beauty and utility of World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves, and to examine the pressures that their environments and people are facing today. With UNESCO-Asia and ILCP, Connie is producing a book and DVD covering those issues.

10% of the profits from my work goes to support International League of Conservation Photographers.


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