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Ron Golden


Ron Golden's passion for photography began early in life. His parents - both of whom were painters - taught him to view nature with an artist's eye. After his first trip to visit places he'd seen in Arizona Highways Magazine, Ron was hooked. "I was determined to learn all I could on the subject of landscape photography," he says.

Years later, Ron has traveled throughout America, photographing our great National Parks and Forests. Shooting entirely with natural, dramatic light - no flash - Ron's photos are known for their vivid, rich color. "When I'm on a shoot, I'm always watching the weather and the sky for something dramatic, to turn an ordinary landscape into a magical scene". He usually goes out for a week or more at a time, looking for that "one perfect moment", when conditions are just right for the image he wants to capture. "When you see one of my prints on a wall, I want you to feel that same drama of the moment that I experienced when I tripped the shutter".

Ron's images have won numerous awards, and have been exhibited at some of the country's top art shows, including Festival of the Masters in Orlando, An Occasion for the Arts in Williamsburg, Affaire in the Gardens in Beverly Hills, and the Fountain Festival of the Arts in Arizona. Along with the fine-art prints, his images are used on greeting cards, calendars, and CD covers. He is also an accomplished natural history videographer.

1% of the profits from my work goes to support International League of Conservation Photographers.


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