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Karen and Steven Boyd

Inspired by the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, Steven and Karen create art works of vision and mystery. While Steven works in permanent acrylic goauche to execute the beginning of a painting, Karen follows with oil to compliment and enhance. They create a collaboration that gives you the sense of Steven's raw power, combined with Karen's gentle introspective study of their subject. Yin and Yang in perfect harmony!

Steven and Karen have received high acclaim for the finely detailed realism in their wildlife and western art. You can almost feel the smooth, rippling curl of the Rams horn and taste the grit and dust billowing off the horse's hoofs. The harmony between artists and subject reaches out and pulls you into their work. Nor does it stop there. Karen and Steven have become highly sought after for their award-winning collaboration pieces.

Professional artists for thirty years, Steven and Karen spend their days working in their Idaho studio, a rescued cabin from one of the original homesteads in a small farming and ranching valley on the South Fork of the Snake River. When they aren't painting...they're fishing.

Steven is a native of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with a degree in wildlife biology. The latter gives him insight into animal forms and seasonal habits. Karen originally came from western Washington State. As a naturalist, she is always seeking ways to get hands on experience with the subjects they paint.

1% of the profits from my work goes to support International League of Conservation Photographers.


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