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Jack Cooley


All his life, landscape photographer Jack Cooley has been pulled in three separate directions - outdoor activities, doing "technical things", and expressing himself artistically.

For a career he chose "doing technical things". After attaining a BS in Physics and MSEE in Computer Science, he worked in software development 26 1/2 years before retiring from Hewlett-Packard in 1999. Weekends and vacations were spent hiking, canoeing, bicycling, cross country skiing, camping and backpacking. Artistic expression came initially through music. Jack became a folk guitarist in college, and continued to play for fun and at church for over 25 years.

Around 1982, Jack discovered photography. Photography became a natural extension of his outdoor activities, was technical enough to be interesting (especially with an old timey wooden camera), and the opportunity for creative expression goes without saying. No longer pulled in three separate directions, the pieces came together. He started a part-time photo business in 1993, went full time in 1999.

A self-taught photographer, Jack primarily uses a large format field camera, the choice of Ansel Adams and many of today's landscape masters. Each year he sets out to create five to ten superb new photographs - images that evoke fond memories of beautiful places - that bring a sense of nature's peace, beauty, and grandeur to our everyday lives.

1% of the profits from my work goes to support Natural Resources Defense Council.


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