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David Arsenault


David Arsenault is a fine artist who has lived virtually all of his life in upstate New York. He recalls first being inspired by art in 1970 when he came across a reproduction of Edward Hopper's 1940 painting Gas in a grade school library book. Little did he know that more than 20 years later, when a professor reintroduced him to Hopper's work, he would himself attempt to express on canvas what words could not convey.

He studied painting at the University at Albany. Since December 1994 when he first began showing, David has participated in over one hundred local, regional, and national exhibitions, including shows in New York City, Chicago, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and in Connecticut.

According to the artist, "Each painting captures ideas, experiences, thoughts, imaginings, and feelings that were important at the time the work was created. A two-dimensional image such as one found in a painting has an inherent "timelessness" built in. Unlike the actual world, it literally does not move. The painted picture represents only a part of my "world" (inner and/or outer, real and/or imagined).

Composing a canvas that includes only certain elements obviously eliminates everything else. Taking a place or experience out of its normal context and holding it up as something distinct and worth looking at makes it extra-ordinary (as in "beyond the every day") - and it, in essence, "freezes" that moment in time. I'll never be exactly the same again as I was in creating that specific painting. And, the painting itself never changes."

The work of David Arsenault has been reproduced in print many times: in a feature article for The Artist's Magazine; in the Encyclopedia of Living Artists; New Art International; Manhattan Arts International; Art World News; Cape Cod Arts; The Vineyard Gazette; and regularly in many upstate New York newspapers.

His oil paintings, giclees, and prints can be found in private, corporate, and museum collections across the United States, as well as in England. David has also served as a juror, conducted painting demonstrations, written articles, and is an active member and was for five years co-director of the Oakroom Artists, a juried artist association. The Wall Street Journal has favorably compared Arsenault's work to that of revered American realist Hopper. David has also personally interviewed world-renowned Hopper scholar and biographer Gail Levin.

In January 2004, The Artist's Magazine included an excerpt from an article David previously wrote in their twentieth anniversary issue. Recently, New York art historian Leslie Ava Shaw wrote a critical essay of Arsenault's work. And, he was included in the June, 2005 issue of Art World News' in their "Artists Worth Watching" feature.

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