Art for Conservation

Chris Linder

Adélie penguins hopping ice floes

Artist Statement

20090709_chrislinder_by_briankantor_001_web.jpg I use photography as a tool to educate and inspire the public about science and wildlife conservation issues. I work closely with researchers in the field, documenting them as they study the environment--whether it's from the deck of a ship or a tent near a penguin colony.

My goals in photographing science are:
(1) Educate the public about scientific methods and results
(2) Inspire the next generation of scientists
(3) Communicate the need to protect wild places and endangered wildlife

My education and training as an oceanographer give me a special insight into photographing marine science. I have spent over a year of my life at sea on research ships, with over half of that time spent in the Arctic Ocean.

My photographs have been featured in museum exhibits--notably the Field Museum and the Smithsonian, books--including my own Photographer's Guide to Cape Cod, calendars, and magazines worldwide. I depend on Nikon cameras to get the shots, ThinkTank bags to carry my gear, and Patagonia outerwear to keep me warm.

1% of the profits from my work goes to support International League of Conservation Photographers.



Alpenglow on Mount Sefton, New Zealand


Reindeer roundup


Reindeer herd

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