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Rio Grande by Ian Shive

Artist Statement

PHOTOGRAPERS_MCWjpg.jpg The images in this gallery are part of the Borderlands RAVE, a photography project organized to raise awareness about the impact of the US border wall on wildlife, ecosystems and people. All proceeds from the sale of these prints will go toward furthering the work of the Borderlands RAVE.

Background on the Borderlands
The borderlands of the United States and Mexico harbor a hidden gem. These remote wildlands that stretch from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico across the belly of North America provide safe haven for many wild species of plant and animals.

Because much of the landscape around this international border has remained isolated for so long, many relatively intact and continentally rare ecosystems endure here—including Arizona’s last free flowing river, the San Pedro; some of the last undeveloped grasslands on the continent in the Janos/Hidalgo area along the New Mexico border; the single most diverse birding area in the United States along the Lower Rio Grande river, and habitat and migration corridors for some of both nation’s most imperiled species including the jaguar, Sonoran pronghorn, ocelot, bighorn sheep and Mexican gray wolves.

The International League of Conservation Photographers sent a team of world-renowned photographers, with writers, filmmakers and scientists to the borderlands of the United States and Mexico to document the wildlife, ecology, and effect of immigration and the border wall on this landscape. This region is a shared conservation treasure of international importance that harbors some of the most biodiverse landscapes on the continent.

Photographers who participated in the rave and whose images are shown here include Jack Dykinga, Santiago Gibert, Ted Wood, Claudio Contreras, Kevin Schafer, Wendy Shattil, Miguel de la Cueva, Jeff Foott, Christian Ziegler, Cristina Mittermeier, Ian Shive, Roy Toft, Chris Linder and Krista Schlyer,.

In our gallery, we've presented a small selection of the images from the iLCP Borderlands Rave. To learn more about our Borderlands project and exhibition, please contact Krista Schlyer at

5% of the profits from my work goes to support the International League of Conservation Photographers.



Restless Flora by Miguel de la Cueva


Life by Krista Schlyer


Conservation Cowboy by Ian Shive

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