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Asher Jay

The Cove Turns the Empire State Red

Artist Statement

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Asher Jay is saving the world’s threatened wildlife—with creativity. Her cause-driven art, sculpture, design installations, films, and advocacy advertising campaigns bring attention to everything from oil spills and dolphin slaughters to shrinking lion populations. “The unique power of art is that it can transcend differences, connect with people on a visceral level, and compel action,” she says.

Much of her best-known work spotlights the illegal ivory trade. In 2013 the grassroots group, March for Elephants, asked Jay to visualize the blood ivory story on a huge animated billboard in New York’s Times Square. Viewed by 1.5 million people, the internationally crowd-funded initiative aimed to provoke public pressure for revising laws that permit ivory to be imported, traded, and sold. “Conservation can no longer afford to be marginalized,” she asserts. “Today, we need everyone’s involvement, not just core conservationists."

She participated in the Fabrege Big Egg Hunt in New York, where her oval oeuvre went on to raise money for anti-poaching efforts in Amboseli. Her upcoming projects will tackle biodiversity loss during the Anthropocene and expose threats to the world's most traded and endangered mega fauna.

Jay’s upcoming projects will tackle overfishing in the Mediterranean and expose threats to Africa’s remaining lions. Tackling issue after issue, Jay’s projects have become global sensations. Yet her ultimate goal is to motivate the one person she believes holds the real power to determine nature’s fate. You.

IMPORTANT SELLERS NOTE: I only sell a concise count of Fine Art Canvas giclée editions per AP so neither the original work nor the prints diminish in art collector value over time. Through AFC, I offer prints that closely replicate the original work in texture, but the originals contain collage elements and are thus 3-dimensional. My works are all one of a kind and distilled from eclectic archives of travel and research. Enjoy!

I am an active participant in conservation efforts, and am currently personally involved in several campaigns and am a committee member of Thinking Animals. Everything I do includes the larger picture, in the spirit of the three musketeers, you could surmise my thoughts under Dumas' latin motto "Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno" which means "all for one and one for all!"

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100% of the profits from my work goes to support the creation of more wildlife conservation related art/campaigns..



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